February 2016 - Entrust received consent on appeal from the Planning Inspectorate after a period of 14 months for a 78m high wind turbine in Lincolnshire. Since the Written Ministerial Statement came into effect last June for wind energy, there has been only a 9% success rate for wind energy appeals.

December 2015 - Entrust has completed its 170th Full/GPDO planning application this year for a leading ADC telecommunications client on a new 4G wireless network in Great Britain with an outstanding success rate of over 99%.


Chartered Town Planners, Environmental & Sustainability Consultants


Entrust is one of the UK & Ireland’s leading Wind, Solar and Telecoms Planning & Environmental Consultancies  having provided a service on over 450 projects over the past 5 years with an overall success rate of 95%.

We provide a complete technical planning & environmental solution for Onshore Wind, Solar PV, other Renewable Technologies, Wireless Communications and Infrastructure Sectors. 

We have a wide range of different clients including renewable energy companies, developers, multi-national companies, utilities, investors & more. 

We are currently providing a service throughout England, Ireland, Scotland & Wales.